Wrought Iron Fence And Welding Services Across Bakersfield and Nearby Cities

Welding at Alex Wrought Iron

The welder performs an essential function in construction, metallurgy, manufacturing, and other industrial fields. It’s a skilled job that requires a great deal of training. Someone who is qualified can be a very valuable resource, able to create wrought iron fencing and other examples of metalwork.

Welding can also be useful in custom metal fabrication. With skilled people on the job, you will see a dramatic improvement in the quality of your fabrications, as well as an increase in the production speed.

If you need a welder, we can help. Contact Alex Wrought Iron in Bakersfield, CA, to learn more about what we can do for you.

Wrought Iron Fence at Alex Wrought Iron

Having protection is important when you own a house or business. However, you don’t have to get plain old fences to keep you and your family safe. At Alex Wrought Iron , we offer you durable and high quality wrought iron fence to fulfill your commercial fencing needs.

Wrought iron fence is known to be prominent and decorative. There are several iron fence designs you can choose to match your layout as well. You’d be surprised how these fences can add style to your front lawn.

For more information about our wrought iron fence, including ornamental iron, feel free to call us today. Alex Wrought Iron provides welders who are more than happy to serve our friends in Bakersfield, CA.

Fence Installation & repairs at Alex Wrought Iron

Fence installation and repairs are relatively simple processes, best handled by professionals with the necessary equipment and training. There is some variation between types of fences, but they follow the same basic formula.

For a fence installer, the first step is to figure out the positions of the fence posts. After that, the posts are placed into the ground; they need to go deep enough to stay firmly in place. When this is done, railing should be added so as to connect the posts, and the rest of the fence can be put into place.

Fence repairs will also be periodically necessary. In some cases, the repair will be cosmetic. For instance, during a wrought iron repair service, our welders can fix any damage done to them. Years of usage and weather can ruin them, but our professionals can make it look brand new.

You can get a reliable fence installer, who also performs repairs, from {Compnay}. We are more than happy to serve our friends in Bakersfield, and its surrounding cities.

Front Door Gate at Alex Wrought Iron

The front of your house is the first things your friends and family notice about your home when they see it for the first time. At Alex Wrought Iron , we produce and install beautiful front door gates to give your house that elegant finishing touch.

Wrought iron gates are perfect for archways or long front walk walkways. Installing a front door gate not only gives you some privacy but security as well. The gate acts as a barrier between the front door and a potential intruder make it more difficult for them to break in. If you're seeking beautiful wrought iron fencing or gates, contact Alex Wrought Iron in Bakersfield, CA, today!